DONOVAN SLACKS by Kivmars Bowling premieres in New York

####At its climax, this 2007 feature — composed in silent-film aspect ratio, in color, on Super-8 film — moves from a 1920s-style silent movie to the harsh realism of a talkie. ####

BY AUSTIN BURBRIDGE. LOS ANGELES (CINEMA MINIMA) — The remarkable independent feature, DONOVAN SLACKS — written and directed by Kivmars Bowling — will have its East Coast USA premiere at the Queens International Film Festival in the borough of Queens in New York City 2008 November 8 Saturday 12:30 PM.

#####The story#####

In 1928 a man who, from childhood, had been led to believe he suffered from a debilitating bone condition discovers by chance that it is a lie: He has been a victim of a brutal hoax perpetrated by someone with Münchausen-syndrome-by-proxy.

When every structure he ever knew — and every idea he had about himself — are annihilated, his life becomes a blank — but also, a fresh sheet of paper. In his emptiness he sets about writing his own rules, drafting himself afresh. He becomes the leader in a local fishermen’s dispute with the government and somehow, persuades them to found their own country and fight to the bitter end.


Is he thinking clearly for the first time in his life? Or is he in the grip of a mania? And how does that mania seize the minds of a group of fisherman, who — despite the odds against their protest — go to the barricades and fight, come what may. Donovan Slacks’s personal revolution foments a political one.


The film — which stars Ashley Penrose — has been made with high style, in meticulously observed period design. The color resembles that of two-color Technicolor film from the early twentieth century.

DONOVAN SLACKS was photographed on Super-8 film. It looks gorgeous — the promise of Super 8 as a serious choice for movie makers is realized in this remarkable motion picture entertainment. DONOVAN SLACKS marks recent trends of young movie makers turning to film — and to Super 8.

The director, Kivmars Bowling, says: DONOVAN SLACKS became a metaphor for a film director — daring to try something when all signs seem to argue against; the impossibility of leading a group of people into a ludicrous venture that somehow, seems to make sense; the surreal excitement and weirdness that brings a communal feeling with it. Maybe the sense that — even though the odds are stacked against succeeding, against even just making a half-decent film — for a brief moment we overcame self-doubt and the naysayers. The filmmaking process is the film. And who knows who might be inspired into making something bigger and better?

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