Mai Zettering is a heroine of cinema

Mai Zetterling: Actress, Director, Screenwriter, Author—Coming soon to the Cinema Minima newsletter

Trailer for SCRUBBERS, a film by Mai Zetterling

She was already an international movie star when, in 1963, she moved behind the camera as a director and screenwriter; shortly thereafter she was acclaimed as a filmmaker of the first rank. Her films of the ’Sixties embody the era’s rebellious, iconoclastic spirit. The films she directed, documentary and drama, are as moving as they are provocative; and always informed by her commitment to women’s rights. Her prodigious talent and restless curiosity overflowed into short stories and novels. She followed it all up with an autobiography remarkable for its candor. … This, then, was Mai Zetterling. When comes such another?

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Max Fleischer’s 1917 patent application for the Rotoscope

Online digital-effects service Zync Render ascends to Google Cloud

BY AUSTIN BURBRIDGE. LOS ANGELES (CINEMA MINIMA) — Google Cloud Platform has acquired Zync Render, the cloud-based digital effects rendering service which has been used for such recent features as FLIGHT, AMERICAN HUSTLE, STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS, and LOOPER.

“Rendering” refers to the creation of motion pictures from detailed mathematical descriptions, which have been created by digital-effects artists. To efficiently perform the calculations which create the pictures, many computers are set to work together in networks, called “render farms.” The computers are specially made to do the math and do it as quickly as possible. Large amounts of electricity are consumed, and large amounts of heat are generated.

Many studios have neither the resources nor the desire to create their own render farms; or their in-house rendering may require extra rendering capacity but, for only a very short time, observed Google Cloud Product Manager Belwadi Srikanth.

“Zync and Cloud Platform will offer studios the rendering performance and capacity they need, while helping them manage costs,” Srikanth explained. “For example, with per-minute billing studios aren’t trapped into paying for unused capacity when their rendering needs don’t fit in perfect hour increments.”

Zync Render provides distributed rendering, job dependencies, references, pooled images between multiple host applications, and advanced job monitoring for digital-effects application software including Maya, Nuke, V-Ray for Maya, Mental Ray Standalone, and Arnold for Maya, along with plug-ins like GenArts Sapphire, Furnace, and Ocula.

Zync Render was started in 2011 at Boston, Massachusetts visual effects studio ZERO VFX.

Micheline Presle

Micheline Presle — née Micheline Nicole Julia Émilienne Chassagne à Paris le 22 août 1922 — est actrice française. Sa carrière a commencé pour de bon avec son apparition dans JEUNES FILLES EN DÉTRESS de Georg Wilhelm Pabst en 1939, dans le rôle de « Jacqueline Presle », à partir de laquelle elle a pris son nom de scène, « Presle ».

Aux Etats-Unis on l’appele « Micheline Prelle ». Elle s’est mariée le producteur américain William Marshall. Leur fille, Tonie Marshall, est réalisatrice du film, VÉNUS BEAUTÉ (INSTITUT) qui comprend sa mère parmi le casting.

Micheline Presle avec Tyrone Power dans GUÉRILLAS de Fritz Lang (1950)

AMERICAN GUERRILLA IN THE PHILIPPINES est le titre anglais de ce film.

Micheline Presle avec Hardy Krüger dans L’ENQUÊTE DE L’INSPECTEUR MORGAN (1959)

BLIND DATE est le titre anglais de ce film de Joseph Losey.

Micheline Presle avec Jean-Claude Brialy en 1964

Micheline Presle avec les grands du cinéma français

Micheline Presle avec les plus grands du cinéma français

Afficher l’image en grand format — La vedette Micheline Presle avec les plus grands du cinéma français. Extrait de « Les Immortels du cinéma » une rubrique de l’hebdomadaire belge « Ciné Télé Revue » affiché au blog ACiDPoP!

Cinema Minima remercie « Th Barnaudt » @tbarnaud pour rappaler ce souvenir de la carrière de Micheline Presle.

Micheline Presle avec Paul Newman dans THE PRIZE

Mme. Presle apparaît dans la bande-annonce à deux minutes et 22 seconds :

En savoir plus

Hoffman and Redford as Bernstein and Woodward

Variety reporters Dave McNary, David S. Cohen win trophy for profile of GRAVITY director

BY AUSTIN BURBRIDGE. LOS ANGELES (CINEMA MINIMA) — Variety reporters Dave McNary and David S. Cohen received a Maggie award for their September 3, 2013 story, Alfonso Cuaron Returns to the Bigscreen After Seven Years With ‘Gravity’.

The honor — for Best Feature Article — was given at the Western Publishing Association’s 2014 Maggie Awards Banquet at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday, May 2.

The other six finalists in the “Consumer publications — circulation under 75,000” category were: Bellingham Alive — “Making Out With Maggie,” Bike — “The Great Game,” C-Suite Quarterly — “Gary Michelson,” Climbing — “No Brainer,” Desert Companion — “To The River, To The Sea,” and Sactown — “Trigger Effect.”