Max Fleischer’s 1917 patent application for the Rotoscope
Hoffman and Redford as Bernstein and Woodward

Advertisements injected directly into skull using bone-conduction audio

Advertising agency BBDO Germany proposes to use bone-conduction audio to inject advertisements for its client, Sky Deutschland, directly into the skulls of train travelers. “This is how future advertising will look,” predicts the agency, continuing, with remarkable candor, “Welcome to the advertising world of MINORITY REPORT,” referring to a dystopian movie which depicts government and media having direct channels into the minds of their subjects.Read This Story

WANDER MY FRIENDS publicity poster

WANDER MY FRIENDS, comedy feature by Raz Cunningham

Boston-based filmmaker Raz Cunningham has written and directed a feature, WANDER MY FRIENDS. Billed as “a comedy about comics and their creators,” it chronicles the principals of an independent comic-book publisher as they cope with the challenges which accompany success, including the unexpected arrival of a new and eccentric artistic partner, and the encroachments of a business partner which threatens their independence.Read This Story

Picture of Vera Chytilova beside movie camera

Věra Chytilová 1929 ✠ 2014 filmmaker of the Czechoslovak New Wave; director of exuberant 1966 satire DAISIES | SEDMIKRÁSKY

Filmmaker Věra Chytilová 1929 ✠ 2014 was a heroine of cinema. She directed DAISIES | SEDMIKRÁSKY, a high-water mark of the Czechoslovak New Wave of the 1960s. The provocative, feminist satire outraged Czechoslovakia’s Communist overlords, who banned the film, and blacklisted the filmmaker. In spite of heavy-handed Cold-War repression, she achieved international acclaim, and a long career; her films, a secure place in the history and aesthetics of cinemaRead This Story

Lola Kenya Screen
Le Maillot De Cristiano

Films Made by Children at Lola Kenya Screen Show in South Korea, Australia, Iran, Kenya

Lola Kenya Screen productions — HAPPY TIMES by Elaine Nesbitt; MANANI OGRES by Samuel Musembi, Joseph Hongo, Marcus Kang’ethe and Norrick Mwangi; and SANTOS THE SURVIVOR by Rupinder Jagdev — have been selected for the Ready Action! competition section of the 6th Busan International Kids’ Film Festival in Busan, South Korea. Seven other Lola Kenya Children’s Screen productions shall show in the Kids For Kids Festival section as part of the global Kids For Kids Festival programme.Read This Story