Advertisements injected directly into skull using bone-conduction audio

Advertising agency BBDO Germany proposes to use bone-conduction audio to inject advertisements for its client, Sky Deutschland, directly into the skulls of train travelers. “This is how future advertising will look,” predicts the agency, continuing, with remarkable candor, “Welcome to the advertising world of MINORITY REPORT,” referring to a dystopian movie which depicts government and media having direct channels into the minds of their subjects.

The film of tomorrow

The film of tomorrow will be an act of love

French New Wave director François Truffaut’s prediction: The film of tomorrow will be personal, like a confession or a diary. Filmmakers will express themselves in the first person, and will relate what has happened to them: enjoyable, because true

Truffaut - le cinéma de demain

Le film de demain sera un acte d’amour

Une prédiction par François Truffaut, le célèbre réalisateur de la nouvelle vague des cinéastes français de l’époque des années soixante : Le film de demain ne sera pas réalisé par des fonctionnaires de la caméra, mais par des artistes pour qui le tournage d’un film constitue une aventure formidable et exaltante. Le film de demain ressemblera à celui qui l’a tourné et le nombre de spectateurs sera proportionnel au nombre d’amis que possède le cinéaste.

WANDER MY FRIENDS publicity poster

WANDER MY FRIENDS, comedy feature by Raz Cunningham

Boston-based filmmaker Raz Cunningham has written and directed a feature, WANDER MY FRIENDS. Billed as “a comedy about comics and their creators,” it chronicles the principals of an independent comic-book publisher as they cope with the challenges which accompany success, including the unexpected arrival of a new and eccentric artistic partner, and the encroachments of a business partner which threatens their independence.

Erwin Blom copyright Maurice/Haags Uitburo

Dutch media entrepreneur Erwin Blom

Dutch media entrepreneur and journalist Erwin Blom started the publisher-cum-platform, Fast Moving Targets. His most recent book is, The Realtime Revolution: How Twitter (Almost) Changes Everything.

Max Fleischer’s 1917 patent application for the Rotoscope

Visual-effects makers: How’s that ramen tasting?

Bosses gloat over exorbitant movie profits while visual-effects makers subsist on cheap instant noodles, in a mordant editorial cartoon by visual-effects artist Jesse Mesa Toves, which responds to projections that Hollywood profits may reach $12 billion in 2014