Nigeria, Malawi win top prizes at Lola Kenya Screen 2010

The fifth edition of the annual Lola Kenya Screen — audiovisual media festival, production workshop, and market for children and youth in Eastern Africa — ended in Nairobi, Kenya on August 14, 2010, with top prizes going to Nigeria and Malawi. This marked a change from previous editions, when laurels had gone to films from the Northern Hemisphere.Read This Story

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Lola Kenya Screen 2010 Call for Film Entries

The deadline for filmmakers for the next Lola Kenya Screen Film Festival is 2010 April 15. The festival — which will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, in August 2010 — accepts films that focus on children ages 13 and under, youth (14-25), or family (25+). Filmmakers may be children, youth, amateurs, students, or professionals. There is no charge to enter a film into the festival.Read This Story

Lola Kenya Screen trains 86 children as filmmakers; shows 1,200 Films

Since 2006, Lola Kenya Screen — East Africa’s premier audiovisual media platform for children and youth — has showcased more than 1,200 films from 71 nations, representing all six continents in various genres, formats and lengths. Lola Kenya Screen has added to eastern Africa’s creative and cultural spectrum — 31 child filmmakers, 14 journalists, 13 film judges, 7 MCs, 15 producers of television drama for children and youth, and 6 producers of documentary films for children and youth.Read This Story

Lola Kenya Screen 2007 Films Show in Finland

By OGOVA ONDEGO. NAIROBI, KENYA (CINEMA MINIMA) — AFRICAN FOLK TALES ANIMATED, a compilation of three films and three songs made at 2nd Lola Kenya Screen in Nairobi in August 2007 has been selected for screening in Finland in March 2008. The 5th annual Children’s and youth’s Videotivoli festival (2008 March 4-9) in Tampere, Finland,selected … Read This Story