Mai Zettering is a heroine of cinema

Mai Zetterling: Actress, Director, Screenwriter, Author—Coming soon to the Cinema Minima newsletter

Already an international movie star when she became an acclaimed director of comedy, drama, and documentary films which embodied the rebellious, iconoclastic spirit of the ’Sixties — anti war, and pro women’s rights. Her prodigious talent and restless curiosity overflowed into short stories and novels. She followed it all up with a sensational autobiography. … This, then, was Mai Zetterling. When comes such another?Read This Story

Max Fleischer’s 1917 patent application for the Rotoscope
Hoffman and Redford as Bernstein and Woodward
Picture of typewriter in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S
Max Fleischer’s 1917 patent application for the Rotoscope
FYRO Macedonia Still from MOTHERS

European Film Promotion screens 13 Oscar contenders 2010 November 3-10 in Beverly Hills

Academy Award contenders from 13 European countries will be screened in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles) for Academy members, film professionals, and American Film Market (AFM) attendees. The industry screenings — which are hosted by European Film Promotion — will run from 2010 November 3 to November 10, coinciding with the AFM. Cinema Minima’s guide to the screenings includes the complete schedule, and is indexed by country and by title.Read This Story

Picture of DVD cover of BLADE RUNNER Collector's Edition