Public domain screening by SAW Video in Ottawa

BY MARTIN LEDUC. OTTAWA, CANADA (CINEMA MINIMA) — I attended the Premiere screening of SAW Video’s Public Domain show in Ottawa. SAW commissioned a number of skilled media artists to create new works out of public domain footage from Library and Archives Canada

I’ve written about the show in a bit more detail over on the Total Recut blog. You can also visit the SAW website for the show.

Videodrome: Video Remix Night at Toronto’s Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art.

BY MARTIN LEDUC. TORONTO (CINEMA MINIMA) — Toronto’s Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) will be holding its annual Videodrome Audio/Visual battle on April 17, 2010.  Here’s the description from dropframevideo:

The Video Battle is a competition of audio/visual media work, the A/V battle, the VIDEODROME. Developed from the idea of the hip hop DJ battle, artists will throw down fast and hard attempting to out flash each other with selections, cuts and mixes extreme, humorous and dangerous.

See these links for details:

Remixed Movies at the Open Video Conference

BY MARTIN LEDUC. TORONTO, CANADA (CINEMA MINIMA) — I got to help collect some of the videos that were playing throughout the Open Video Conference.  The conference took place on June 19-20, 2009.  It brought together an impressive collection of professional stakeholders involved with online video. Their aim was to bring video technology up to the standards of accessibility and decentralization that are currently available for blogs and other web tools.

For the video displays that were playing throughout the conference,  I collected 10 technically and artistically accomplished movie remixes that showcase the value of an open video environment.  The artists I chose take a wide range of  approaches to editing pre-existing movie footage.

Blogger, video remixer, and cultural activist Elisa Kreisinger also curated remix videos that demonstrate the political importance of fair use and open video standards.

You can visit to watch online versions of all the videos Elisa and I screened at the conference.

Open Video Alliance call for submissions and proposals

BY MARTIN LEDUC. TORONTO, CANADA (CINEMA MINIMA)  — The Yale Law School and its partners in the Open Video Alliance are seeking to bring together about 400 participants for a conference in New York.  The organizers hope to bring online video up to the standards of accessibility and decentralization that we’ve reached with other forms of web communication (blogs, email, etc. …).

The conference is accepting submissions of movies and video art that will “showcase the creative potential of artists in the open video space.”  They’re also accepting proposals for panels, workshops and other events.  The deadline is March 19, 2009.

The TILT Festival's Online Video Mashup Contest

BY MARTIN LEDUC. TORONTO, CANADA (CINEMA MINIMA) — The TILT digital art festival in Perpigan France is teaming up with  the artists at Addictive TV and the curators from to launch an online video remix contest. The winner gets 1000 euros.

The submission deadline is March 10, 2009.  TILT organizers are encouraging the use of public domain video footage for your submissions.

More details available here:

Total Recut: Home of the Video Remixers

BY MARTIN LEDUC. TORONTO, CANADA (CINEMA MINIMA) — has gathered a community of over 350 video remixers — artists whose work consists of re-edited and manipulated video clips.

The site bills itself as a “one stop shop for all things remixed.” It has a growing gallery with over 500 remixes so far, and a section for editing tutorials. It hosts a forum and and a blog on video remixing, and it runs video remixing contests.

A recent contest on Totalrecut brought in entries from around the globe, which were judged by highly visible figures of internet culture — among them were “Free Culture” author Lawrence Lessig and famous fan vidder Luminosity.

Totalrecut is the currently the most successful “big umbrella” community for video remixers on the internet, bringing together artists and videos from a variety of genres and niche communities. I’d reccomend the site to anyone interested in online remix culture or found footage filmmaking.