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Iran punishes 2 filmmakers for political speech. Jafar Panahi, Mohammad Rasoulof get 6 years

Iran sentenced independent filmmakers Mohammad Rasoulof and Jafar Panahi to six years in prison for speaking against the regime and for making films of which the government does not approve. Directors Abbas Kiarostami, Francis Coppola, Martin Scorcese, and Steven Spielberg have called for the release of the two artists.Read This Story

Suddhasatya Ghosh

Remixed Movies at the Open Video Conference

BY MARTIN LEDUC. TORONTO, CANADA (CINEMA MINIMA) — I got to help collect some of the videos that were playing throughout the Open Video Conference.  The conference took place on June 19-20, 2009.  It brought together an impressive collection of professional stakeholders involved with online video. Their aim was to bring video technology up to … Read This Story

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Open Video Alliance call for submissions and proposals

BY MARTIN LEDUC. TORONTO, CANADA (CINEMA MINIMA)  — The Yale Law School and its partners in the Open Video Alliance are seeking to bring together about 400 participants for a conference in New York.  The organizers hope to bring online video up to the standards of accessibility and decentralization that we’ve reached with other forms … Read This Story

CopyCamp copyright conference in Toronto 2008 April 29-30

BY MARTIN LEDUC. TORONTO, ONTARIO CANADA (CINEMA MINIMA) — The second session of CopyCamp will take place 2008 April 29 – 30 in Toronto. The conference treats art, copyright, and the Internet. It follows an “unconference” model in which activities would be organized by all participants online via wiki, or spontaneously at the event. The … Read This Story