Nigeria, Malawi win top prizes at Lola Kenya Screen 2010

The fifth edition of the annual Lola Kenya Screen — audiovisual media festival, production workshop, and market for children and youth in Eastern Africa — ended in Nairobi, Kenya on August 14, 2010, with top prizes going to Nigeria and Malawi. This marked a change from previous editions, when laurels had gone to films from the Northern Hemisphere.Read This Story

Microdocs: tiny non-fiction movies

BY AUSTIN BURBRIDGE. LOS ANGELES (CINEMA MINIMA) — Flickr’s Microdocs Group focuses on very short motion-picture documentary and portraiture; especially unedited, direct-from-the-camera improvisation. This Flickr group is hosted by Dean Terry. He directed SUBIDVIDED, a documentary about life in American bourgeois suburbs. Professor Terry is a founder of MobileLab, and Director of Emerging Media at … Read This Story