Mai Zettering is a heroine of cinema

Mai Zetterling: Actress, Director, Screenwriter, Author—Coming soon to the Cinema Minima newsletter

Trailer for SCRUBBERS, a film by Mai Zetterling

She was already an international movie star when, in 1963, she moved behind the camera as a director and screenwriter; shortly thereafter she was acclaimed as a filmmaker of the first rank. Her films of the ’Sixties embody the era’s rebellious, iconoclastic spirit. The films she directed, documentary and drama, are as moving as they are provocative; and always informed by her commitment to women’s rights. Her prodigious talent and restless curiosity overflowed into short stories and novels. She followed it all up with an autobiography remarkable for its candor. … This, then, was Mai Zetterling. When comes such another?

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