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About Cinema Minima

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What is Cinema Minima?

Cinema Minima Services for Movie Makers Worldwide has provided news and information to filmmakers since 1997. Its readership is international. Its distribution is worldwide. Its stories are syndicated.

Who reads Cinema Minima?

The Cinema Minima reader is a filmmaker. She is as likely to be a woman, as a man. Affluent and sophisticated, she has an advanced education. She may be young or mature.

She — or he — pursues a career in movies, far from Hollywood: in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, or India. Independent and dedicated to creating a new cinema for her audience, she is receptive to products or services which support her filmmaking mission.

Every day, thousands of movie makers worldwide read Cinema Minima’s syndicated news feed, get its bulletins on their mobile phones, visit its Web site, or listen to its podcast.

About two-thirds of Cinema Minima’s readers live and work outside the United States. For most, English is a second (or third) language.

Who writes Cinema Minima?

Austin Burbridge is Executive Editor (Editor-in-Chief) of Cinema Minima.

Cinema Minima Correspondents and stringers report from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. They cover story, production, distribution, exhibition, rights, and tools.

Cinema Minima Correspondents have been accredited as Press by the AFI Fest (Hollywood), the American Film Market (Los Angeles), the Berlinale, Lola Kenya Screen, the Independent Film & Television Alliance (Los Angeles), the New York Film Festival, the Singapore International Film Festival, Sundance, and The Times/bfi London International Film Festival, among others.

What does Cinema Minima sponsor?

Cinema Minima sponsors Far From Hollywood/Meetups for Movie Makers, and Sustainable Cinema.