Kietryn Zychal New York Correspondent for Cinema Minima

Kietryn Zychal is the New York correspondent for Cinema Minima. She has worked as a journalist in the American state of Pennsylvania where she had the distinction of being the first investigative reporter in 46 years to be allowed to read a police file for an unsolved 1962 double homicide. The prime suspect, Edward Maps, was on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list for five years. The police file contained evidence that the accused may have been the third victim of the homicide. Zychal’s reporting raised the question, “Was Maps innocent?” and caused a community to question its long held assumptions about the crime.

Prior to working as a journalist, Zychal pursued a career as an actress. She toured several American states performing a one-woman show “Merely the Ravings of a Maniac,” that she wrote and produced. Her screenplay, What Comes Next, is a dark comedy about the difficulty of being married to a professional golfer. Zychal is writing a TV pilot called “Eco-Hookers.” She was educated at Lehigh University and studied abroad in England and Switzerland.