3rd Lola Kenya Screen on Course

BY OGOVA ONDEGO. NAIROBI, KENYA (CINEMA MINIMA) — Despite the unrest ocassioned by post-election violence in Kenya, organisers of Lola Kenya Screen audiovisual media platform for children and youth in eastern Africa are asking colleagues, friends and well-wishers around the world to submit their films to the 3rd edition of this annual international film festival, production workshop and market for children and youth in eastern Africa.

Moreover, films made by children and youth during the 2nd Lola Kenya Screen film production workshop in Nairobi are lined up for showcasing in Finland in March 2008.

AFRICAN FOLK TALES ANIMATED, the three-film and three-song compilation, has been selected for screening at the 5th Annual Children’s and Youth’s Videotivoli festival in Tampere, Finland (2008 March 4-9).Comprising MANANI OGRES, LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS DANGEROUS, and THE WISE BRIDE, AFRICAN FOLK TALES ANIMATED was among more than 500 films submitted to the festival for consideration.

Within two months of its release AFRICAN FOLK TALES ANIMATED was shown in festivals in Kenya and Holland. It has also been submitted to festivals in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Poland, and Rwanda.

A Press Statement issued in Nairobi on 2008 January 10, says in part, “This is to remind our colleagues, friends and well wishers around the world that the film submission process to 3rd Lola Kenya Screen and 2nd Kids for Kids Africa is still on course despite the kind of political uncertainty in Kenya that the mass media are reporting.

Please note that we at Lola Kenya Screen are well and going about our work in organising the festival and receiving and processing film entries. Please note that the deadline, April 15, 2008, remains unchanged for both Lola Kenya Screen and Kids for Kids Africa. Please send in your submission to avoid disappointment.”

Lola Kenya Screen says they are “looking for children and youth living in Nairobi and its environs, and who are  knowledgeable, opinionated and interested in film, journalism, and cultural events’ presentation to serve on our four programmes during the 3rd Lola Kenya Screen (2008 August 4-9).”

Selected applicants will serve as members of the Film Selection Committee, Film jury, Film Press, Programme Presentation (MCs), and Film Production Workshop.

Lola Kenya Screen, as in the previous editions in 2006 and 2007, will guide successful applicants through the acquisition of skills of appreciating and judging films, film reporting and events presentation.

Articles filed by participants will be published daily during the six days of festivities at the internationally-acclaimed arts and culture publication, http://www.artmatters.info/, and http://www.lolakenyascreen.or.ke/

While the Film Selection committee sits in May 2008, the jury, press, production workshop, and events presentation will work in August 2008.

Details of these opportunities is available via the festival website, www.lolakenyascreen.or.ke and also by writing to [email protected]

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