European Film Promotion screens 13 Oscar contenders 2010 November 3-10 in Beverly Hills

BY AUSTIN BURBRIDGE. LOS ANGELES (CINEMA MINIMA) — European Film Promotion — a consortium of 32 European film organizations — will host industry screenings for 13 feature films which are up for consideration to be nominees for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar at the 83rd Academy Awards.

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The films — from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Macedonia, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland — will be shown in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles) 2010 November 3–10, in afternoon and evening screenings for film professionals, selected press, and Academy members. The screenings coincide with the American Film Market, in order to give the films exposure to the many buyers who come from all over the world to do business there.

“These screenings are a great chance to highlight some of Europe’s best films during the Oscar campaigns, and also, for the buyers who attend the AFM,” observed Éva Vezér, who is President of EFP, and General Manager of the Hungarian film organization Magyar Filmunió. “We are extremely pleased to be able to present 13 of our films this year — a big increase compared to the eight in 2009 and six in 2008. This shows that more and more members of our EFP network want to make use of this opportunity and spotlight the films where the decision makers meet.”

Guide to EFP Screenings

For the convenience of Cinema Minima’s readers the entire screening schedule is presented here in chronological order, and with handy indices, by country, and by title.

All screenings will take place at the Wilshire Screening RoomMap.

Screenings: Index by country

Screenings: Index by title

Schedule of screenings

Each entry includes —

  • A still from the film, which is linked to its handbill
  • A link to its entry in the EFP Film Database
  • A link to professional information about its director
  • A link (if available) to its website or trailer
  • A link to its handbill. Each handbill — which is in Adobe Reader (PDF) format — is a complete résumé of the film, with sales information for buyers. These handbills are superb productions. They testify to the high standards and excellence of the EFP’s Film Sales Support organization.
2010 November 3 Wednesday 6:15 PM
Still from MAMA GOGO IcelandMAMMA GÓGÓ by Fridrik Thór Fridriksson.
Trailer. Handbill (PDF).
2010 November 3 Wednesday 8:00 PM
Still from TIRZA The Netherlands (Holland) — TIRZA by Rudolf van den Berg.
Website. Handbill (PDF).
2010 November 4 Thursday 8:00 PM
Website. Handbill (PDF).
2010 November 5 Friday 5:00 PM
Still from 9:06 Slovenia9:06 by Igor Šterk.
Trailer. Handbill.
2010 November 6 Saturday 2:30 PM
Still from THE BORDERSlovak RepublicTHE BORDER by Jaro Vojtek.
Website. Handbill (PDF).
2010 November 6 Saturday 4:00 PM
Still from LA PIVELLINA AustriaLA PIVELLINA by Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel.
Trailer. Handbill (PDF).
2010 November 6 Saturday 6:00 PM
Still from THE BLACKS CroatiaCRNCI | THE BLACKS by Zvonimir Jurić and Goran Dević.
Trailer. Handbill.
2010 November 7 Sunday 4:00 PM
Still from LA PETIT CHAMBRE SwitzerlandLA PETITE CHAMBRE by Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond.
Website. Handbill (PDF).
2010 November 7 Sunday 6:00 PM
Still from THE ANGEL NorwayENGELEN | THE ANGEL by Margreth Olin.
Website. Handbill (PDF).
2010 November 9 Tuesday 6:15 PM
Handbill (PDF).
2010 November 9 Tuesday 8:00 PM
Trailer. Handbill (PDF).
2010 November 10 Wednesday 6:15 PM
Bulgaria. Still from EASTERN PLAYS BulgariaEASTERN PLAYS by Kamen Kalev.
Trailer. Handbill (PDF).
2010 November 10 Wednesday 8:00 PM
FYRO Macedonia Still from MOTHERS FYR of MacedoniaMAJKI | MOTHERS by Milcho Manchevski.
Handbill (PDF).

European Film Promotion

European Film Promotion (EFP) organizes the screenings. It is an international network of organizations from 32 European countries, which promotes and markets European cinema around the world.

Each member organization employs experts in promoting and marketing its own national cinema; and they coöperate to promote European cinema.

EFP was founded in 1997. It is supported by the European Union’s Media Programme and by its member organizations.

EFP Film Sales Support

EFP FSS logo Film Sales Support (FSS) — which will have an umbrella office at the American Film Market — is EFP’s support scheme for the promotion of European films outside of Europe.

FSS financially supports up to 50% of the marketing campaigns of European sales agents — or production companies in cases where films are not handled by a sales agent — at selected non-European film festivals or markets. In 2009, FSS backed 165 films at FILMART, the Asian Film Market, and the AFM.

For more information

The EFP Project Coordinator is Luisa Graeve

  • [email protected]
  • Telephone +49 40 390 6252
  • November 3–10 — Mobile +49 160-440 9595