Visual-effects makers: How’s that ramen tasting?

Hollywood bosses gloat over exorbitant movie profits while visual-effects makers subsist on cheap instant noodles, in the latest, tart comment on the state of the visual-effects business from the mordant-loaded brush of artist Jesse Mesa Toves, whose robust revival of the editorial cartoon delivers its satirical punch with dramatic visual storytelling.

Eleven billion polygons? I can’t count that high,” says a boss, standing over a harried visual-effects artist, who is eating at his workstation, trying to slurp up a cup of instant noodles. In the foreground, a chart shows projected boxoffice for 2014 rocketing past eleven billion dollars, to twelve. “Wait. Actually I think I can.” Toves adds: “Congratulations Hollywood, that $12-billion year looks like a given … ?”